Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Nudes Ultra

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Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Nudes Ultra


Revolution PalettePackaging was very nice, it comes in a simple cardboard box with the Revolution Logo and the back shows what shades you’re getting. There is no ostentatious designs and professionally made up models staring at you, it looks simple and professional and not at all daunting or flashy. The packaging only seems to make the palette itself seem more expensive somehow, the design is so professional and simple like many of the more expensive brands out there. I was very impressed and it made me feel like I was opening something very expensive and special.


Product Size & Description

MakeupUnlike a lot of the similar palettes out there, this one isn’t about the size of a mobile phone. I’d say this palette is probably about six or seven inches long and boasts a selection of 32 nude and natural shades that are suitable for ALL skin tones. Each eyeshadow pat is about the size of a one pence piece, so it gives you a fair bit to play with. A huge plus with this palette is that it has a nice large mirror on the inside lid that saves me having to go look for a mirror if I do my makeup elsewhere in the house. There is also a sheet of plastic to keep the eyeshadow away from the mirror (also it has the names of the shades printed on the plastic, not that this is too important). I will note it does NOT come with a brush (so you will have to provide your own).

The Colours

This set offers a complete set of nudes and naturals that are made to compliment any skintone whether you’re pale (like me), Olive skinned or have the enviable dark skin of an African Goddess. Unlike a lot of cheap palettes, the pigmentation on this particular set is so great, even on the palest colours (which on most palettes, rarely ever show up). The dark colours (a lovely navy, a glittery almost black and a deepest black) really do come up wonderfully dark without needing much product at all on the brush so you don’t sit there for hours building and building your shades (a primer does help though). There aren’t too many matte colours here and the ones that are here are ranging from beige, taupe and medium brown (they work well for eyebrow filling and defining). The shimmer on the rest of the colours is absolutely beautiful, really turning a flat eye into something special by adding dimension and an eye-catching pop with burgundy reds, olive greens and plum purples.


Makeup RevolutionThe consistency of the shadows can be examined on touch, under a finger, you can feel a very smooth velvety blend consistent with a good quality product. I always find that shades that feel velvety to the touch of a finger tend to be the ones that not only transfer to from brush to skin better without much fallout (eyeshadow dust that generally gets on your face rather than your eyelids) but actually blends far better than more powdery or cream based shadows.

Personal thoughts

Having used the palette several times since receiving it, I have to say the over all effect is always exceptional. I’ve actually seen a lot of women here comment that this has far better pigmentation and gives better (dare I say it more PROFESSIONAL) results than some MAC and Urban Decay products and I have to say I agree.

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