Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

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Its products are commodities AD (Advanced).
AD previous item : Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX 80ML.

  • – Intensive Moisture Sleeping Mask that A good night’s sleep , as to make a clear and transparent skin
  • – “SLEEP-TOX” Purification Technology – The skin of the sleep -optimized purification technologies. Normalize the tired skin during the day , activate the skin condition during sleep.
  • – Hypoallergenic formula with no safety concerns , even rubbing the night.(Complete sensitive panel test)
  • – Relaxing aroma helps a good night’s sleep. Proprietary technology of Amore Pacific “SLEEPSCENT”

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack isn’t a lightening product, just an intense moisturiser really, so it’ll be absolutely fine for you,  it’s suitable for dark skin as well. It’s very moisture for your skin and it won’t swear all over pillow when you sleep,  this product is the best, the texture is really quite difficult to describe- a bouncy, water gel sort of consistency. It has a very delicate spa sort of scent that I really enjoy- not at all strong or chemically overpowering.

Used after your normal skincare routine, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack has a smooth gel consistency and is very cooling on the skin, plus it smells great. It feels a little sticky to the touch once dried, but it doesn’t rub off on my pillow. In the morning I noticed that my skin felt soft, plump and hydrated, it’s like a facial in a jar. A little bit of product goes a long way so it is good value for money.

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