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NCincNCinc Medium Skin 14pc Bare Naked Skin – Natural Cosmetics Inc uses minerals for our make-up which is safe and benefits all skin types. With our mineral make-up your skin could take a breath and operate usually so will certainly aid avoid dehydration. NCinc Medium Skin 14pc Bare Naked Skin foundations can assist aggravated skin working as an anti-inflammatory and could also be worn after plastic surgery. Our “Nude Skin Minerals” variety is excellent If you suffer from any kind of skin complaints such as acne, discoloration, skin damages, redness, Rosacea, etc since minerals stick naturally to the skin and feel entirely natural and are extremely light-weight on the skin, no matter the amount of layers are applied. Included in NCinc Medium Skin 14pc Bare Naked Skin makeup is just the most pure Micas, Titanium’s, Oxides, Rose and Silk Powders. We never make use of fillers, dyes, parabens, bismuth oxy Chloride, oils or fragrances found in many commercial cosmetics. Our make-up is not checked on animals. Establish Includes: x2 Structures 10ml Jar with Sifter (Cozy & Beige Color) x1 Wonder Shroud 10ml Container with Sifter x1 Concealer 10ml Container with Sifter Concealer x1 Corrector 10ml Container with Sifter x1 Blusher 10ml Container with Sifter x1 Bronzer 10ml Container with Sifter x1 7 Piece Brush Establish x1 Directions Sheet Directions consisted of on ways to utilize our makeup.

Micas, Titaniums, Oxides, Rose and Silk Powders, Kosher Quality Rice Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide

Moisturise Beginning by moisturising your face and also let it completely soak up into your skin. Concealer & Corrector Apply a small quantity on the location to be concealed with light strokes & feather out. Wonder Shroud You could apply this under or over your structure, it aids to develop a remarkable appearance by minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and also creases. It likewise assists to control oil and shine without drying your skin. Structure Idea a small amount right into the lid of your container & swirl your brush over the powder as well as touch off any type of excess, it must be barely visible on the brush. Utilize a circular movement & buff the foundation onto your whole face, begin by mounting it and afterwards complete consisting of eyelids and also neck. Ensure to build the insurance coverage in light layers to acheieve the very best look – much less is much more. Blusher & Bronzer could be used before or after blush. Beginning by cleaning a little quantity on your cheeks and brush in the direction of the hair line. Apply where you would naturally get the sun – forehead, chin, cheeks as well as nose. These are extremely pigmented so you just need a small quantity. Eye Shadow Swirl the brush and touch off any type of excess – utilize a small quantity of minerals from the cover of pot.

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  • This 14 piece starter set is ideal for anyone who needs a complete set of mineral makeup. It is supplied in a black Organza bag along with our Complete Brush Set and instruction sheet – everything you need to get started!
  • Natural Cosmetics Inc. are a new makeup brand who specialise in mineral makeup. Mineral Makeup is great for anyone with acne, skin damage, redness or Rosacea and similar because minerals adhere to the skin naturally and are very lightweight. We use minerals which are non-comedogenic which means they will not get in to your pores and clog them. Our products never feel heavy or look caked and work well for every skin type.
  • This set includes a Warm & Beige foundation for medium skin types, you can also mix these foundations for a great result.
  • Set Includes: x2 Foundations 10ml Jar with Sifter (Warm & Beige Shade) x1 Miracle Veil 10ml Jar with Sifter Our Miracle veil is translucent and works with all skin tones & types – it is worn under or over your makeup to provide a beautiful finishing touch. It also absorbs oil & moisture and creates a softer look to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. x1 Concealer 10ml Jar with Sifter Concealer is used for hiding dark circles, netrualising blotchy sking and concealing blemishes or imperfections. x1 Corrector 10ml Jar with Sifter Corrector is to brushed on before using the concealer to neutralize your skin tone. x1 Blusher 10ml Jar with Sifter Our Pink Cheeks blusher is designed to bring out the natural pink in your cheeks. x1 Bronzer 10ml Jar with Sifter Use our bronzer on top of your foundation, as an eye-shadow or on the face for a sun-kissed tone. x1 7 piece Brush Set x1 Instructions Sheet Instructions included on how to use our makeup.

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